Sakthi Cattle Feed

Sakthi Cattle Feed ensures High Milk Yield with good fat content.  It is manufactured scientifically to meet the digestible crude protein.  We have different formulation for High/Medium/Low Milk Yielding animals and also feed for working animals is formulated by using superior quality feed raw materials, vitamins and minerals to suit animals requirements.


Sakthi Poultry Feed

            Sakthi Poultry Feed is the right selection of the quality Feed.  It is the most economical feed formulated by eminent experts and animal Nutritionists on the basis of latest scientific research in poultry and livestock nutrition.  It is manufactured in our fully automatic plant with careful supervision.  The raw materials and finished goods are continuously tested in modern well equipped LAB to ensure good Quality.  Thus Sakthi Feeds consumes out with a competitive price with supreme Quality.